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District nebuliser compressor service: reliability and costs.
  1. M E Dodd,
  2. S P Hanley,
  3. S C Johnson,
  4. A K Webb
  1. Department of Chest Diseases, Monsall Hospital, Manchester, UK.


    BACKGROUND--There is little information on the costs of maintaining a district nebuliser compressor service. This retrospective study examines the issue, reliability, and maintenance costs of electrical compressors to assist the prediction of future costs, taking into account recent safety legislation. METHODS--Records of issue, repair, and replacement for the period 1982-91 were reviewed. The current policy of repairing and replacing as necessary, and three other theoretical costings, were considered. RESULTS--The number of compressors being issued is increasing. Repaired compressors are less reliable and frequency of repair is a function of compressor age. The current policy is the most cost effective. CONCLUSIONS--To repair and replace nebuliser compressors as necessary is the most economical policy under the present terms offered by the manufacturers, but changes in safety legislation will affect the provision of such services.

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