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Delayed resolution of pulmonary oedema after cocaine/heroin abuse.
  1. P G Raijmakers,
  2. A B Groeneveld,
  3. M C de Groot,
  4. G J Teule,
  5. L G Thijs
  1. Medical Intensive Care Unit, Free University Hospital, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


    Pulmonary oedema lasting six days occurred in a 68 year old man after sniffing cocaine. He also had evidence of parenteral self-administration of heroin. Pulmonary microvascular filtration pressure and permeability were normal. Delayed resolution of the pulmonary oedema may have been caused by a cocaine-induced impairment of sodium and thus fluid transport across alveolar epithelium. Recognition may be important, since lowering filtration pressure with diuretics may not hasten resolution of oedema.

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