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Factors associated with massive fibrosis in silicosis.
  1. T P Ng,
  2. S L Chan
  1. Department of Community, Family Medicine, National University of Singapore.


    Data on 1432 patients with silicosis on a register in Hong Kong were analysed to examine the association of massive fibrosis with possible predisposing factors. Detailed occupational and clinical histories, clinical records, radiographic readings according to the International Standard Classification of Radiographs of Pneumoconioses, and environmental dust measurements from hygiene surveys were used to obtain information for several variables--namely, age at first exposure, relative dust exposure level, duration of exposure, smoking, previous recorded history of tuberculosis, and background profusion of small opacities. The most significant risk factors associated with massive fibrosis were high relative dust exposure level, a history of tuberculosis, and increased background profusion of small opacities.

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