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Left ventricular thrombectomy in the early postinfarction period.
  1. A Smolinsky,
  2. Z Ziskind,
  3. R Mohr,
  4. D A Goor,
  5. M Motro
  1. Department of Cardiac Surgery, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, Israel.


    Emergency left ventricular thrombectomy was performed on four patients soon after infarction. In three patients surgery was carried out after embolisation had occurred and when a large, residual, protruding, mobile thrombus remained in the left ventricle. Surgery was performed in the fourth patient after a high risk thrombus was detected and initial attempts to lyse it had failed. All four patients had an uneventful recovery and were discharged within two weeks of surgery. These cases indicate that the therapeutic option of left ventricular thrombectomy is feasible for patients with acute infarcts and problematic left ventricular thrombi.

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