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Choriocarcinoma with lung metastases during pregnancy with successful delivery and outcome after chemotherapy.
  1. J Nabers,
  2. T A Splinter,
  3. H C Wallenburg,
  4. F J ten Kate,
  5. R Oosterom,
  6. C Hilvering
  1. Department of Pulmonary Medicine, University Hospital Dijkzigt, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


    A patient with an intrauterine pregnancy of 27 weeks had a coexisting pulmonary metastatic choriocarcinoma. On the chest radiograph the lung metastases appeared as pulmonary infiltrates, simulating atypical pneumonia. Serum human chorionic gonadotrophin levels were normal for gestational age. Treatment with methotrexate was successful. This is the first reported case of choriocarcinoma in a woman with a pregnancy of less than 35 weeks in which both mother and child survived. The case emphasises the need to consider choriocarcinoma in any pregnant woman who presents with haemoptysis and pulmonary nodules or infiltrates.

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