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Unilateral post-tuberculous lung destruction: the left bronchus syndrome.
  1. M Ashour,
  2. L Pandya,
  3. A Mezraqji,
  4. W Qutashat,
  5. M Desouki,
  6. N al-Sharif,
  7. A al-Jaboori,
  8. A Marie
  1. King Khalid University Hospital, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


    In a prospective study of 13 patients requiring pneumonectomy for unilateral post-tuberculous lung destruction the left side was found to be affected in 12. Review of a further 172 cases showed the left lung to have been destroyed in 109 (63%). It is suggested that this predominance of the left side is due to the anatomical characteristics of the left main bronchus and that disordered haemodynamics also appear to play a part.

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