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Effect of nicotine, silver acetate, and ordinary chewing gum in combination with group counselling on smoking cessation.
  1. E J Jensen,
  2. E Schmidt,
  3. B Pedersen,
  4. R Dahl
  1. Department of Respiratory Disease, University Hospital, Aarhus, Denmark.


    Four hundred and ninety six smokers participated in a randomised comparison of the effect of silver acetate, nicotine, and ordinary chewing gum on smoking cessation. All were motivated to stop smoking abruptly and all had smoked at least 10 cigarettes a day for at least five years. Side effects and taste acceptability were related to outcome after six months. The participants attended nine meetings over a year, at which lectures, support, and advice about stopping smoking were given. Tobacco abstinence was confirmed by measurement of carbon monoxide in expired air. The chewing gums were used for 12 weeks. After 12 weeks there was a trend towards more abstainers in the nicotine group (59%) than in the silver acetate (50%) and ordinary (45%) chewing gum groups that was not quite significant (p = 0.07). At 26 and 52 weeks the number of cigarette abstainers was similar in the three treatment groups. Subjects in the nicotine chewing gum group had a longer mean time before relapse than those in the silver acetate and ordinary chewing gum groups. Mean success rates for all subjects combined at 12, 26, and 52 weeks were 52.8%, 39.7%, and 23.3%. The side effects of nicotine and silver acetate chewing gum were generally mild and transient, and unimportant except for mouth irritation from silver acetate, which had a negative effect on outcome, and the low taste acceptability of nicotine, which had a strong negative influence on the success rate. The results suggest a short term effect on nicotine chewing gum on smoking cessation, but the abstinence rates after one year were generally disappointing.

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