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Respiratory muscle function in cystic fibrosis.
  1. A Mier,
  2. A Redington,
  3. C Brophy,
  4. M Hodson,
  5. M Green
  1. Brompton Hospital, London.


    Maximal static expiratory and inspiratory mouth pressures (PEmax and PImax) and quadriceps femoris muscle strength were measured in 25 patients aged 16-28 years with cystic fibrosis (mean FEV1 46% predicted). Mean (SD) PEmax was 64% (18%) predicted (below 75% predicted in 16 of the 25 patients), and PImax was 64% (24%) predicted (below 75% predicted in 14 patients). Quadriceps muscle strength was 68% (20%) predicted (below 75% predicted in 17 patients). The relatively small reduction in respiratory muscle strength in these patients was unlikely to have contributed appreciably to their respiratory problems.

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