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Six years' experience with perthoracic core needle biopsy in pulmonary lesions.
  1. A Morgenroth,
  2. H P Pfeuffer,
  3. M Austgen,
  4. H J Viereck,
  5. F Trendelenburg
  1. Klinik Michelsberg, Münnerstadt, Federal German Republic.


    Six years' experience of percutaneous core needle biopsy using the Hausser needle in 502 patients, aged 20-89 years, is reported. A biopsy was carried out when sputum and bronchoscopic methods had failed to establish a definitive histological diagnosis. Over 60% of the lesions were peripheral and about 40% were 2-4 cm in diameter. A correct diagnosis was made by this means in 312 of the 339 patients shown eventually to have a malignant lesion (92%) and in 130 of 146 patients with a benign lesion (89%). A definitive diagnosis was never established in 17 patients. Complications arose in 15% of cases. Pneumothorax occurred in 43 patients (7%), of whom 12 required a chest drain. Further complications included a small haemoptysis (less than 30 ml) in 27 patients (5%), haemothorax necessitating a chest drain in three patients, and an intrapulmonary haematoma in five patients. There were no fatal or permanent complications. Percutaneous core needle biopsy is a valuable procedure with a high diagnostic accuracy in these patients and a low rate of complications.

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