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Occupational asthma due to sodium iso-nonanoyl oxybenzene sulphonate, a newly developed detergent ingredient.
  1. D J Hendrick,
  2. M J Connolly,
  3. S C Stenton,
  4. A G Bird,
  5. I S Winterton,
  6. E H Walters
  1. Newcastle General Hospital.


    Research with sodium iso-nonanoyl oxybenzene sulphonate (SINOS) for use in a detergent product was complicated by the development of asthma in an atopic 38 year old laboratory technician. Inhalation challenge tests with nebulised SINOS solutions over a dose range of 0.01-32 micrograms gave reproducible late asthmatic reactions after the higher doses and an increase in bronchial responsiveness to methacholine. The magnitude of the late reaction was related to the challenge dose.

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