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Pulmonary infection with Nocardia caviae in a patient with diabetes mellitus and liver cirrhosis.
  1. B Salh,
  2. C Fegan,
  3. A Hussain,
  4. A Jaulim,
  5. K Whale,
  6. A Webb
  1. Department of Chest Diseases, Monsall Hospital, Manchester.


    The first reported case of pulmonary infection with Nocardia caviae in Britain occurred in a 67 year old woman, in whom diabetes mellitus and liver cirrhosis probably contributed to impaired cell mediated immunity. She was successfully treated with gentamicin 60 mg eight hourly and sulphadimidine 500 mg six hourly for six months and then with sulphadimidine 2 g/day for a further three months. When Nocardia caviae is isolated from the sputum of a patient with chronic respiratory infection and fever, effective treatment should be started promptly.

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