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Albendazole treatment of pulmonary hydatid cysts in naturally infected sheep: a study with relevance to the treatment of hydatid cysts in man.
  1. D L Morris,
  2. M J Clarkson,
  3. M F Stallbaumer,
  4. J Pritchard,
  5. R S Jones,
  6. J B Chinnery


    Albendazole was given orally to sheep with naturally occurring live pulmonary and hepatic cysts. The viability of pulmonary cysts was established before treatment by thoracotomy and needle puncture. Both 10 and 20 mg/kg/day doses were found effective in that no viable protoscoleces were found after six weeks' treatment in either group while untreated controls still had viable cysts. In addition, treated animals showed macroscopic and electron microscopic changes. Bone marrow toxicity probably occurred in two sheep.

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