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Surgical treatment of primary lung cancer and solitary brain metastasis.
  1. A Mussi,
  2. A Janni,
  3. M Pistolesi,
  4. V Ravelli,
  5. R Buonaguidi,
  6. C A Angeletti


    Twenty patients with carcinoma of the lung and a brain metastasis have undergone combined lung and brain surgery, which was synchronous in five. There were no operative deaths. Survival from the first surgical intervention was less than one year (3-10 months) in four patients (20%), one to two years in four (20%) and more than two years (26-66 months) in five patients (25%). Seven patients (35%) are alive and well after an average period of three years and three months (15-66 months). Actuarial survival at five years is 33.6%. All patients had severe neurological symptoms and 18 (90%) had a complete remission. Our experience and data reported in the literature point to the effectiveness of combined lung and brain surgery in prolonging symptom free survival in patients with lung cancer and solitary brain metastasis.

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