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Bronchial reactivity in patients with recent pulmonary sarcoidosis.
  1. M Olafsson,
  2. B G Simonsson,
  3. S B Hansson


    Non-specific bronchial reactivity was assessed in 17 consecutive non-smoking and non-steroid treated patients with recently diagnosed pulmonary sarcoidosis, 11 with stage I disease and six with stage II disease. Bronchial reactivity was measured by recording the FEV1 after increasing doses of methacholine. Three subjects with asthma were hyperreactive. The 14 subjects with no asthma had a mean FEV1 of 96% predicted. Only one was hyperreactive, with a fall in FEV1 of over 15% after 0.1% methacholine. The median provocative concentration causing a 15% fall in FEV1 did not differ from that in a normal population studied previously. It is concluded that sarcoidosis seldom induces airway hyperreactivity within one year of diagnosis in patients with normal spirometric values.

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