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Premedication for fibreoptic bronchoscopy.
  1. P J Rees,
  2. J G Hay,
  3. J R Webb


    A randomised, double-blind trial of atropine, atropine plus papaveretum, and atropine plus diazepam given intramuscularly as premedication for fibreoptic bronchoscopy in 60 patients showed no difference between the three regimens as assessed by bronchoscopist or patient. Bronchoscopists frequently attributed a sedative action to atropine alone and their assessment of tolerance and sedation was more optimistic than that of the patients. In a second study comparing intravenous diazepam (10 mg) with saline, after prior intramuscular atropine (0.6 mg), both the bronchoscopists and the patients noted a significant sedative effect of diazepam, and coughing was reduced by diazepam.

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