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Inhalation challenge with specific grass pollen antigens in asthmatics and the effect of lodoxamide tromethamine.
  1. R W Parrish,
  2. B H Davies


    Highly purified species-specific grass pollen antigens were used for inhalation bronchial challenge in 12 patients with atopic asthma. This was found to result in reproducible experimental asthma. Lodoxamide tromethamine was administered by inhalation in two different doses, 0.01 mg and 0.1 mg, to each patient, in double-blind, random, placebo-controlled manner, 15 minutes before pollen inhalation. It was found to have a significant protective action at both doses (p less than 0.05), but it produced troublesome side effects at the higher dose of 0.1 mg.

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