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Intrathoracic fundoplication for reflux stricture associated with short oesophagus
  1. K Moghissi
  1. Humberside Cardiothoracic Surgical Centre, Castle Hill Hospital, Cottingham, North Humberside


    Intrathoracic fundoplication was carried out in 45 patients with reflux stricture associated with a short oesophagus after the stricture had been fully dilated at operation. There were two deaths in hospital (4·4%). The follow-up extended from one to 10 years. Two patients required dilatation and four others had symptoms of nausea and fullness, all for up to six months. Thirty-seven patients remained symptom free. No patient required further surgery. The procedure is recommended as a conservative surgical method for patients with reflux stricture associated with shortening of the oesophagus.

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