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Benign sclerosing pneumocytoma of lung (sclerosing haemangioma)
  1. Keeng-Wai Chan*,
  2. Allen R Gibbs,
  3. WS Lo,
  4. GR Newman**
  1. * Kowloon Institute of Pathology, Kowloon Hospital, Hong Kong
  2. Department of Pathology, Welsh National School of Medicine, Cardiff
  3. Kowloon Hospital, Hong Kong
  4. ** Department of Pathology, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff


    The clinical and histopathological features of 14 cases of so-called sclerosing haemangioma of the lung are described. All developed in Hong Kong Chinese women. Histochemical and ultrastructural study of these tumours indicates an epithelial origin. The term benign sclerosing pneumocytoma is suggested as being more appropriate for this unusual tumour.

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