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Shrinking pleuritis with atelectasis.
  1. L Dernevik,
  2. P Gatzinsky,
  3. E Hultman,
  4. K Selin,
  5. G William-Olsson,
  6. L Zettergren


    During a 10-year period 28 patients with shrinking pleuritis with atelectasis (SPA) were observed and operated upon. This lesion has been given different names in the literature, for instance rounded atelectasis, pleuroma, pulmonary pseudotumour, and lung folding. All patients except two were operated upon because of a diagnosis of pulmonary tumour. However, at operation no tumour was found. The aetiology and pathogenesis of SPA are discussed on the basis of X-ray, operative, and histopathological findings.

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