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Factors influencing the bronchodilator effect of a deep inspiration in asthmatic patients with provoked bronchoconstriction.
  1. A Beaupré,
  2. J Orehek


    We have studied 26 asthmatic patients in whom deep inspiration induced a transient but marked bronchodilatation when carbachol-induced bronchoconstriction was present. Changes in bronchial tone were assessed by specific airway resistance measurements. Bronchodilatation after a slow inspiration (eight subjects) or a 10-second breath-hold at total lung capacity (13 subjects) was significantly less than that observed after either a fast inspiration or no breath-holding period. The magnitude of the bronchodilatation induced by a fast inspiration without breath-holding was directly and significantly related to the magnitude of the carbachol-induced bronchoconstriction in five subjects.

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