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Early effects of intravenous terbutaline on cardiopulmonary function in chronic obstructive bronchitis and pulmonary hypertension.
  1. R M Jones,
  2. R A Stockley,
  3. J M Bishop


    Terbutaline sulphate (0.25 mg) was given intravenously to 10 recumbent patients with severe irreversible airflow obstruction and pulmonary hypertension who were undergoing right heart catheterisation. Alveolar ventilation index, cardiac index, and mean pulmonary artery pressure all rose significantly at 5 minutes and then fell by 35 minutes, although the first two remained higher than control levels. This was accompanied by a small but significant rise in arterial oxygen tension at 5 minutes. There were no significant changes in ventilation-perfusion relationships at either 5 or 35 minutes.

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