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Surgical correction of pectus excavatum and carinatum.
  1. S V Singh


    This paper contains an analysis of the long-term results in 85 patients who had pectus excavatum or carinatum deformities repaired at the North Middlesex Hospital between 1951 and 1977. Seventy-seven patients had operations for correction of pectus excavatum and eight for pectus carinatum. A variety of surgical techniques was used. In the excavatum deformities the best results were obtained by the extensive resection of all deformed cartilages, the correction of the sternal deformity by a simple transverse wedge osteotomy, and by stabilising the chest with a stainless steel plate. For pectus carinatum, the involved cartilages were resected and an osteotomy of the sternum was performed. We preferred in most cases to stabilise the chest wall with a metal strut in this deformity as well. The best cosmetic results were achieved by the use of a stainless steel plate passed beneath the sternum and left for not more than six months.

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