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Lung crackles in bronchiectasis.
  1. A R Nath,
  2. L H Capel


    The inspiratory timing of lung crackles in patients with bronchiectasis was compared with the inspiratory timing of the lung crackles in chronic bronchitis and alveolitis. In severe obstructive chronic bronchitis the lung crackles are typically confined to early inspiration while in alveolitis the lung crackles continue to the end of inspiration but may begin in the early or the mid phase of inspiration. In uncomplicated bronchiectasis on the other hand, the lung crackles typically occur in the early and mid phase of inspiration, are more profuse, and usually fade by the end of inspiration. In addition in bronchiectasis, crackles are also usually present in expiration, they are gravity independent and become less profuse after coughing.

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