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Sleep apnoea in Scheie's syndrome.
  1. W H Perks,
  2. R A Cooper,
  3. S Bradbury,
  4. P Horrocks,
  5. N Baldock,
  6. A Allen,
  7. W Van't Hoff,
  8. G Weidman,
  9. K Prowse


    An 18-year-old student presented with a two-year history of daytime sleepiness and noisy breathing during sleep. Both he and his brother, aged 25 years, had Scheie's syndrome, a mucopolysaccharidosis characterised by small stature, micrognathia, corneal clouding, hepatosplenomegaly, raised urinary mucopolysaccharides, and undetectable levels of alpha-L-iduronidase assayed in cultured fibroblasts. Both brothers had sleep apnoea (apnoea index, 59 and 35 respectively) during which there was a significant fall in heart rate and arterial oxygen saturation. One brother had EEG changes suggestive of cerebral hypoxia and the other had ventricular extrasystoles at the end of several episodes. Tracheostomy in the younger brother produced a dramatic symptomatic improvement and reduced the number and severity of apnoeic episodes (post-tracheostomy apnoea index 2.4).

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