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Oesophageal diverticula: principles of management and appraisal of classification.
  1. J Borrie,
  2. R L Wilson


    In this paper we review a consecutive series of 50 oesophageal diverticula, appraise clinical features and methods of management, and suggest an improvement on the World Health Organization classification. The link between oesophageal diverticula and motor disorders as assessed by oesophageal manometry is stressed. It is necessary to correct the functional disorder as well as the diverticulum if it is causing symptoms. A revised classification could be as follows: congenital--single or multiple; acquired--single (cricopharyngeal, mid-oesophageal, epiphrenic other) or multiple (for example, when cricopharyngeal and mid-oesophageal present together, or when there is intramural diverticulosis.

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