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Unilateral increased transradiancy of the lung caused by bronchial carcinoid tumour.
  1. S A Spitzer,
  2. I Segal,
  3. E Lubin,
  4. M Nili,
  5. M Levy


    Two patients with an intraluminal carcinoid tumour obstructing the right main bronchus in one, and the left main bronchus in the other, resulting in unilateral increased transradiancy from hypoperfusion of the lung, are described. Resection of the tumours and reconstruction of bronchial continuity was followed by return of perfusion to normal between three and 18 months after the operation. The patient in whom the diagnosis was delayed showed a much slower rate of return of perfusion and a small lung resulted. The finding of increased transradiancy of lung even in an asymptomatic patient should be an indication for bronchoscopy.

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