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Use of BCG as an immunostimulant after resection of carcinoma of the lung: a two-year assessment of a trial of 500 patients.
  1. F R Edwards


    BCG (Glaxo) (0.5 ml = 5 X 10(6) organisms) was given subdermally to 250 patients ten days after resection of a lung carcinoma to stimulate the immune system. Increased activity of lymphocytes and macrophages could possibly result in the destruction of small extrapulmonary tumour deposits that were previously unidentified. The two-year survival of this group of patients was compared with 250 controls not receiving BCG after operation. A comparative analysis of the sex, histological types, and lymph node involvement in relation to the survivals occurring in these two groups showed that the administration of BCG by the method described produced a numerically greater survival rate, which was particularly noticeable in the women. None of these figures, however, is statistically significant. It would be unwise to draw any final conclusion until a five-year survey has been completed.

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