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Deep vein thrombosis after thoracotomy.
  1. F R Jackaman,
  2. B J Perry,
  3. H Siddons


    In a prospective study of 183 patients undergoing lateral thoracotomy the 125 I fibrinogen uptake test and perioperative heparin prophylaxis for deep-vein thrombosis were investigated. There was an incidence of deep vein thrombosis in 51% in untreated control patients. The heparin prophylaxis effectively reduced the incidence of deep venous thrombosis to 28% (P less than 0.005) without increasing postoperative blood loss. Unilateral thrombosis was found to be significantly more frequent in the leg opposite the side of the thoracotomy (P less than 0.005). The 125I fibrinogen test is essential in assessing methods of prophylaxis but is not recommended as a routine.

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