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Lower oesophageal sphincter tone in patients with peptic stricture.
  1. R Lobello,
  2. M Stekelman,
  3. D A Edwards


    Radiographic studies of 161 patients with a stricture within the cardiac sphincter segment showed that in appropriate circumstances all patients could herniate stomach and reflux barium freely, but that the sphincter could obliterate the lumen and sustain this contraction by its basal tone in at least 122. The sphincter could also relax and contract in response to a swallow. The capacity to remain closed depended on the position of the patient and on circumstances in which hiatal flow and reflux did not occur. Manometric studies of the cardiac sphincter were made in a further 14 patients with a stricture in the sphincter segment, and appropriate circumstances the "basal tone" of the sphincter was found to be within our range of normal.

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