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Pulmonary and hepatic granulomatous disorders due to the inhalation of cement and mica dusts.
  1. J Cortex Pimentel,
  2. A Peixoto Menezes


    Hepatic and pulmonary granulomas were recognised in two workers exposed respectively to Portland cement and to muscovite dusts. The pulmonary lesions in the patient exposed to cement consisted of histiocytic granulomas and irregular fibrohyaline scars, and in the patient exposed to mica of a diffuse thickening of all interalveolar septa due to new formation of reticulin and collagen fibres and proliferation of fibroblasts and histiocytes. In the liver the following pathological findings were observed: focal or diffuse swelling of sinusoidal lining cells, sarcoid-type granulomas, and, in the case of mica exposure, perisinusoidal and portal tract fibrosis. Abundant inclusions of the inhaled material were identified within the pulmonary and hepatic lesions by histochemical and x-ray diffraction techniques.

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