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Interpretation of lung function tests in the sickle-cell haemoglobinopathies.
  1. G J Miller,
  2. G R Serjeant,
  3. M J Saunders,
  4. C Richardson,
  5. R J Gilson


    Prediction equations have been evolved for the assessment of vital capacity, total lung capacity, and the single breath carbon monoxide transfer factor in haemoglobin SS and haemoglobin SC disease. These relationships take account of the growth disorder and anaemia in the sickle-cell states. The results suggest that, in the clinically stable state, any effects of alveolar capillary sickling and haemoconcentration and any altered reactivity of haemoglobins S and C with the test gas are of no significance for clinical respiratory physiology. Sex differences in lung function appear independent of haemoglobin type.

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