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Primary lymphosarcoma of the lung with unusual features.
  1. A J Veliath,
  2. K K Khanna,
  3. B S Subhas,
  4. M R Ramakrishnan,
  5. A L Aurora


    Two unusual cases of primary lymphocytic lymphosarcoma of the lung are presented. The first patient is a 5-year-old girl who showed a massive involvement of the entire right lung by tumour. She was treated by radiotherapy followed by cyclophosphamide and was alive and well one year later. The second patient was an adult man who presented clinically with a tumour of the chest wall. Necropsy revealed an extensive direct spread of pulmonary lymphosarcoma with infiltration of the chest wall but without metastatic dissemination or lymph node involvement. Neither primary lymphocytic lymphosarcoma of the lung in a girl of 5 years nor presentation of such a tumour as a chest wall mass in an adult seems to have been described previously.

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