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Total T lymphocytes in primary bronchial carcinoma.
  1. H L Roberts,
  2. W T Donohoe,
  3. S Hewitt,
  4. D A Price Evans


    Percentage and absolute levels of circulating T lymphocytes were measured in 48 patients with bronchial carcinoma. These were compared with control values from nine healthy adults and 19 age-matched patients with benign disorders. A further 20 patients who had been given postoperative immunotherapy after complete resection of bronchial carcinoma were also studied. There was no significant difference in the mean percentage T cells between the groups. Lymphopenia, however, was a feature of the bronchial cancer patients with metastatic disease. This resulted in a significant diminution of absolute T cells in this group. There is no evidence, with the technique employed in this study, of a total T-cell deficiency in early bronchial carcinoma.

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