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Tumour size as a prognostic factor after resection of lung carcinoma.
  1. A S Soorae,
  2. R A Smith


    Two hundred and ninety-five patients who underwent resection for carcinoma of the lung are reviewed, with a particular view to size of tumour and survival rate. The carcinomas were divided into four groups by size. It was found that the larger the tumour the worse was the prognosis. The prognosis in large carcinomas could not be directly attributed to a preponderance of an unfavourable cell type, lymph node metastasis or mediastinal extension. Vascular dissemination at the time of operation is believed to be a major factor for the poor prognosis in this group of carcinomas. Radiotherapy before operation and early ligation of the pulmonary veins might improve the results of resection of large carcinomas.

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