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Pulmonary varix.
  1. J C Arnett, Jr,
  2. R M Patton


    Pulmonary varix is a rare disorder which is usually discovered by change during the third to sixth decade in an asymptomatic patient. The 37th example is reported with a review of the literature. The disorder is possibly congenital and may affect any lobe. Pulmonary angiography is the preferred procedure for diagnosis. If symptoms are present, they can usually attributed to associated cardiopulmonary disease. Two serious complications have been reported--systematic embolus from a clot in the varix (two cases suspected), and rupture leading to the death of the patient (four cases). A third hazard to the patient is an unnecessary diagnostic thoracotomy. Patients without symptoms should have periodic chest radiographs of those with haemoptysis or systemic embolism should be considered for resection of the varix.

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