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Bronchography in chronic bronchitis.
  1. A G Ogilvie


    Bronchograms were made in eight men, chosen on clinical grounds as representative of three grades of severity in a series of 67 male bronchitis studied prospectively over a period of 10 years, with the object of ascertaining the anatomical condition at the end of this period. In the stationary group the bronchograms showed only a mild mucous reaction, and peripheral filling was generally good. In the slowly progressive group, mucous obstruction was evident and fairly widespread, and organic changes were present, though not widespread or severe. In the progressive group, both mucous obstruction and organic change were widespread. It was noted that when both mucous obstruction and organic changes were observed the upper lobes were seen to be relatively normal with the exception of the progressive cases in which all changes were more severe. The bronchographic abnormalities were found to be closely correlated with the grades of clinical severity.

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