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Primary sarcoma of the lung.
  1. E W Cameron


    Primary sarcoma of lung is defined to exclude sarcomata of lymphatic origin. A series of nine patients is presented, all of whom were seen in Edinburgh. In each case there is histological proof of the diagnosis or sarcoma. From the same population and during the same period of time, 6000 cases of bronchial carcinoma presented. Eight of the nine patients underwent resection of the tumour, and the pathological findings and clinical results are described. From a review of the literature and from the Edinburgh series, a general series of 59 cases of primary sarcoma of the lung has been selected. The criteria for selection were directed at the assessment of the results of surgery in the treatment of this lesion. The five-year survival rate after 'curative' surgery is 52%, and the prognosis after surgery does not appear to depend on the radical nature of the operation.

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