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Pleural effusion in sarcoidosis: a report of six cases.
  1. O P Sharma,
  2. J Gordonson


    Six (4 percent) of 150 patients with sarcoidosis had a pleural effusion. A review of the literature revealed seven more patients with pleural sarcoidosis. Analysis of the 13 patients reported so far did not reveal any clinical, radiological, or laboratory feature which may be of diagnostic significance. The diagnosis of pleural sarcoidosis was based on clinical or radiographic grounds and histological evidence of noncaseating granulomata. In three of the patients pleural fluid resolved spontaneously; the other three were treated with corticosteroids. It is suggested that pleural involvement in sarcoidosis, especially in Negroes, may be more frequent than is generally realized and the effusion may occur either at the time of initial presentation or later in the course of the disease.

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