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Attributability of death to pneumoconiosis in beneficiaries
  1. R. L. Sadler
  1. Pneumoconiosis Medical Panel, Swansea


    Sadler, R. L. (1974).Thorax, 29, 699-702. Attributability of death to pneumoconiosis in beneficiaries. Coal workers and slate workers who were receiving in 1965 industrial disability benefit for pneumoconiosis were grouped according to the radiological extent of their disease and their disability assessment. They were followed up for 7·5 years. Standard mortality rates, and from these the percentage of all deaths which can be attributed to pneumoconiosis, were assessed. About 10% of the deaths in the coal workers and about 40% of those in the slate workers were found to be accelerated by their pneumoconiosis, the proportion varying directly with the radiological extent of the disease and with the disability assessment at the beginning of the survey.

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