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Pulmonary calcification following smallpox handler's lung
  1. P. J. Ross1,
  2. A. Seaton1,
  3. H. M. Foreman1,
  4. W. H. Morris Evans2
  1. 1Regional Respiratory Centre, Sully Hospital, Cardiff
  2. 2Chest Clinic Bridgend, Glamorgan


    Ross, P. J., Seaton, A., Foreman, H. M., and Morris Evans, W. H. (1974).Thorax, 29, 659-665. Pulmonary calcification following smallpox handler's lung. A follow-up study of six nurses who developed smallpox handler's lung during the 1962 South Wales smallpox epidemic and of the surviving smallpox patients is reported. The development of extensive punctate calcification in the chest radiographs of five of the nurses, together with the absence of abnormalities of lung function, is taken to support the view that the disease is a modified smallpox pneumonia rather than an allergic alveolitis.

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