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Platelet survival in patients with homograft and prosthetic heart valves
  1. S. M. Manohitharajah,
  2. A. N. Rahman,
  3. R. J. Donnelly,
  4. P. B. Deverall,
  5. D. A. Watson
  1. Leeds Regional Thoracic Surgical Centre, Killingbeck Hospital, Leeds

    Correlation with incidence of thromboembolism


    Manohitharajah, S. M., Rahman, A. N., Donnelly, R. J., Deverall, P. B., and Watson, D. A. (1974).Thorax, 29, 639-642. Platelet survival in patients with homograft and prosthetic heart valves. Investigations in the past have demonstrated shortened platelet survival time in patients with prosthetic heart valves. This suggested that platelets contribute to thromboembolism in this group. Homograft valves and the newer models of the Starr-Edwards prosthesis have proved less thrombogenic than those previously employed, but platelet survival studies in patients with these valves are lacking. In this study platelet function, survival, and its relation to haemolysis were determined in 28 patients following mitral valve replacement and in two patients following mitral valvotomy: 14 patients had a frame-mounted homograft aortic valve; 13 patients had a Starr-Edwards prosthesis model 6310 or 6320, and one had a Starr-Edwards prosthesis model 6000. Normal platelet function and survival was found in both the homograft and the Starr valve groups. The patient with the earlier model of the Starr valve (model 6000) had a shortened platelet survival time. The two patients following mitral valvotomy had normal platelet survival. The fact that platelet abnormalities were not demonstrable in our patients with homograft valves and newer Starr-Edwards prostheses may explain the low incidence of thromboembolism in this group. Platelet survival studies are a useful parameter to determine the potential thrombogenic nature of prosthetic valves. Platelet survival time was not influenced by the presence or severity of haemolysis.

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