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Primary osteogenic sarcoma of the mediastinum
  1. Takaaki Ikeda1,
  2. Tsuneo Ishihara1,
  3. Hiroshi Yoshimatsu1,
  4. Keiichi Kikuchi1,
  5. Masaru Murakami1,
  6. Koichi Kobayashi1,
  7. Hiroshi Inoue1,
  8. Masao Kasahara2
  1. 1Department of Surgery, School of Medicine, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan
  2. 2Department of Pathology, School of Medicine, Fujita-Gakuen University, Tokyo, Japan


    Ikeda, T., Ishihara, T., Yoshimatsu, H., Kikuchi, K., Murakami, M., Kobayashi, K., Inoue, H., and Kasahara, M. (1974). Thorax, 582-588. Primary osteogenic sarcoma of the mediastinum. A 22-year-old man with primary osteogenic sarcoma of the superior mediastinum is reported. This case is the second instance of primary osteogenic sarcoma of the mediastinum and the first case of superior mediastinal origin to be reported. The patient had local recurrence one year after the first operation. After resection of the recurrent tumour with left upper lobectomy and partial pericardectomy followed by radiation, he has been well for more than five years without recurrence.

    Extraosseous osteogenic sarcoma of soft tissue is very rare and has been reported in 103 patients. The five-year survival of patients with extraosseous osteogenic sarcoma is 22·4%. The distribution and prognosis of this tumour are similar to those of rhabdomyosarcoma in soft tissue. Primary amputation or wide excision is the treatment of choice.

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