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Ventilatory drive and ventilatory response during rebreathing
  1. Nanta Maranetra,
  2. M. C. F. Pain
  1. Respiratory Unit and University of Melbourne Department of Medicine, Melbourne, Australia
  2. Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne, Australia


    Maranetra, N. and Pain, M. C. F. (1974). Thorax, 29, 578-581. Ventilatory drive and ventilatory response during rebreathing. The increase in inspiratory airway pressure generated against a transiently occluded airway during rebreathing is proposed as a simple index of ventilatory drive (ΔP/ΔPco2). A study of this index in 12 normal subjects and 50 patients with chronic airways obstruction demonstrated no significant difference between normals and patients in ΔP/ΔPco2 despite an overall reduction in the ventilatory response to carbon dioxide (ΔV̇e/ΔPco2) in the patients. A significant association was demonstrated between the ventilatory response to carbon dioxide, ΔP/ΔPco2 and the degree of airways obstruction. Patients with a low ΔP/ΔPco2 showed greater hypoxaemia, hypercapnia, and polycythaemia than patients with a higher ΔP/ΔPco2 for the same degree of airways obstruction.

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