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Fractional carbon monoxide uptake in an employed population
  1. James H. Stebbings, Jr1
  1. Division of Epidemiology, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455, USA


    Stebbings, J. H. (1974).Thorax, 29, 505-510. Fractional carbon monoxide uptake in an employed population. The fractional carbon monoxide uptake in 913 New York City transit workers was studied. A prediction equation for white males, based on nonsmokers, was obtained: fractional CO uptake = 0·58032 − 0·00204 × age + 0·0004 × weight (kilograms). Weight was the index of body size most strongly correlated with the fractional CO uptake. Decline in function with age by amount of tobacco smoked is described. A correction factor for respiration, based on results from 581 workers with two or more tests, was calculated: − 0·123654 × (standard tidal volume − observed tidal volume). Tidal volume was the most important contributor to individual variability of the fractional CO uptake, and minute volume or respiration rate do not add significantly to it. For epidemiological or screening uses, prediction equations are given for the fractional CO uptake corrected to 0·5 1. tidal volume. Respiration variables explain only 1·5% of individual variability, and individual variability over a mean period of 16·6 months was much larger (an individual standard error of 0·07) than the unexplained population variability (a population standard error of 0·01−0·02); thus the usefulness of the fractional CO uptake as a test of respiratory function is in doubt.

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    • 1 Current address: Epidemiology Branch, Human Studies Laboratory, National Environmental Research Center, Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27711.