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The manubriosternal joint—an anatomicoradiological survey
  1. H. U. Cameron,
  2. V. L. Fornasier
  1. Pathology Department, The Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, Canada


    Cameron, H. U. and Fornasier, V. L. (1974).Thorax, 29, 472-474. The manubriosternal joint—an anatomicoradiological survey. The movement of the manubriosternal joint is said to be a significant factor in respiration. The incidence of fusion of the manubriosternal joint in necropsy cases has been investigated with fine detail radiography.

    In over 600 cases, fusion of the joint was found in 14% and partial fusion in 8%. In total, the joint was found to be abnormal in 66% of cases. There was an increase in fusion with increasing age. Little relationship was found with degenerative disc disease, and no relationship with ankylosing spondylitis.

    The incidence of joint abnormality suggests that hinging of the manubriosternal joint is not as significant a factor in respiration as has previously been thought.

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