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Necropsy incidence of emphysema in Uganda
  1. Aled W. Jones,
  2. P. J. Madda
  1. Department of Pathology, Makerere University, PO Box 7072, Kampala, Uganda


    Jones, A. W. and Madda, P. J. (1974).Thorax, 29, 195-198. Necropsy incidence of emphysema in Uganda. The incidence and types of pulmonary emphysema and the degree of dust pigmentation of the lungs were investigated in a series of 183 necropsies in Uganda.

    Emphysema was present in 43 (23·5%) lungs. Panlobular or centrilobular emphysema was found in 17 cases, an overall incidence of 9·3% (10·4% of the 135 males and 6·3% of the 48 females). It was generally of mild degree and the mean lung involvement, as assessed by a point counting method, was 9·2% in the 17 cases described above. Panlobular and centrilobular emphysema occurred in the older age groups; 13 of the 17 cases were 50 years old or more. The remaining 26 cases consisted of irregular (scar) emphysema which occurred in trace amounts (less than 1%).

    Dust pigmentation was present in all 17 cases of emphysematous lungs and was generally more severe than in the non-emphysematous lungs.

    The incidence of emphysema in this predominantly rural population is low and is similar to that found in Ibadan, Nigeria.

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