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Pulmonary support using venovenous bypass and a biological oxygenator
  1. G. L. Hammond,
  2. H. Poulain
  1. Department of Surgery, Yale Medical School
  2. Surgical Cardiovascular Research Laboratory, Yale Medical School


    Hammond, G. L., and Poulain, H. (1974).Thorax29, 121-124. Pulmonary support using venovenous bypass and a biological oxgenator. A method of providing long-term pulmonary support without the use of an artificial oxygenator or systemic heparinization was investigated.

    Three groups of experiments were performed. Group I determined the bypass flow and blood oxygenator requirements of apnoeic animals supported by venovenous bypass. Group II and III experiments evaluated two different methods of oxygenating apnoeic test animals from adjacent parabiotic support animals.

    It was determined that a venovenous bypass ratio equal to cardiac output and a Po2 of venous return blood of 150 mmHg was required to maintain satisfactory blood gases. These parameters were provided by support animals and sustained total respiratory support of the test animals for 48 hours.

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