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Fibrosarcoma of the trachea with severe tracheal obstruction
  1. A. J. Roncoroni,
  2. R. J. M. Puy,
  3. E. Goldman,
  4. R. Fonseca,
  5. Gloria Olmedo
  1. Centro de Rehabilitacion Respiratoria `Maria Ferrer', Dr. Enrique Finochietto 849, Buenos Aires, Argentina


    Roncoroni, A. J., Puy, R. J. M., Goldman, E., Fonseca, R., and Olmedo, G. (1973).Thorax,28, 777-781. Fibrosarcoma of the trachea with severe tracheal obstruction. A patient with a tracheal fibrosarcoma is reported. The tumour was located just above the thoracic inlet and produced severe obstruction predominantly during expiration. An abnormal effort independent flow pattern was seen during inspiration in isovolume pressure-flow studies. Endoscopic resection induced temporary symptomatic remission, and airway resistance and expiratory flows became normal. Subsequently he required resection of eight tracheal rings with end-to-end tracheal anastomosis. Obstructive granulomata then developed at the suture sites, necessitating endoscopic removal. Later tracheal stenosis responded to periodic dilatation.

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