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Hernia of Morgagni
  1. F. París,
  2. V. Tarazona,
  3. M. Casillas,
  4. E. Blasco,
  5. A. Cantó,
  6. J. Pastor,
  7. A. Acosta
  1. Thoracic Surgery Service, Department of Surgery, Centro Hospitalario `La Fé', Valencia 9, Spain


    París, F., Tarazona, V., Casillas, M., Blasco, E., Cantó, A., Pastor, J., and Acosta, A. (1973).Thorax, 28, 631-636. Hernia of Morgagni. Nine patients with Margagni's hernia of the diaphragm are reported, seven of whom have been operated on. Four patients had gastrointestinal symptoms, two respiratory symptoms, and one retrosternal pain; the other two were asymptomatic. In the first case the diagnosis was made at the time of thoracotomy, in the other eight it was suggested by radiological studies. The standard midline epigastric incision was used for repair in four cases and thoracotomy in two; the last patient was operated on through a preperitoneal subxiphoid route. This route has the advantage of not requiring a wide incision of peritoneum.

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