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Conservative approach to the treatment of mixed mitral valve disease
  1. J. R. Belcher
  1. The London Chest and Middlesex Hospitals


    Belcher, J. R. (1973). Thorax, 28, 608-612. Conservative approach to the treatment of mixed mitral valve disease. One hundred patients with mixed mitral valve disease have been treated with the `stand-by' bypass principle. In 59 the valve was replaced; in 41 a closed transventricular valvotomy was done. The results in the two groups have been compared.

    The operative mortality for valvotomy was 7%; for valve replacement 20%. Late death occurred in 14% after valvotomy; in 25% after replacement. `Good' results were achieved in 49% after valvotomy; in 41% after replacement. Among the survivors 61% had `good' results after valvotomy as against 75% after replacement. Late emboli occurred in one patient after valvotomy; in 11 after replacement. Methods for improved selection of patients for simple valvotomy are discussed.

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